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Did you know that colour is really just the way that we see light? Visible light is a type of energy which travels in waves. White light from the sun contains every colour in the rainbow, or colour spectrum. Each colour has a different wavelength: red light has the longest wavelength, while violet light has the shortest. Different objects reflect light at different wavelengths, which is why they look to be different colours.

Human eyes have red, blue and green photoreceptors. We can see these colour and combinations of them. For example, a mix of red and green light appears yellow, while red and blue light appears violet. If red, blue and green light is mixed together we see white.

We don’t all see colour in the same way though – especially the marginal colours. Some people will see a yellow-green as pure yellow, while other will see it as pure green. The same is true with blue-purple and with blue-green.

There are many more words for colour in the English language than just the seven colours of the rainbow. Have a look at the paint charts in your local DIY store to see just how many ways we have to describe colour!

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